What is it?

A fantastic new plugin brought to you by interconnect/it that helps you control how WordPress generates thumbnails.

  • Eliminate bad thumb crops
  • No crotch shots since 2013
  • No half-faces to worry about
  • Why use it?

    When WordPress automatically generates thumbnails, it sometimes doesn’t crop them in a way that is suitable for the image you’ve uploaded (see what’s happened to ‘Ethel’ on the left). If your image isn’t the correct format, and let’s face it, you never keep track of what images you’re uploading – you’ll run the risk of a badly cropped image. That’s not good.

    You could manually crop images or control the width and height of thumbnail sizes but you can’t apply this on multiple thumbnail sizes.

    What does the plugin do?

    You can now control how you want your WordPress thumbnails to appear on your website. Regardless of the image format you upload, you can either use the automatic face detector, or if you want even more control, you can manually add hotspots. Nice to see Ethel on the left, as she wants to be seen!

  • Face detection feature
  • Create hotspots manually
  • Simple to use
  • Control your thumbnails
  • How do I use it?

    Navigate to your media library then click on the image you want to edit. Use the detect faces or edit hotspots option to edit your image. You’ll see thumbnail previews when you’ve applied these edits, when you’re happy hit update. Simple.

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